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Guy holding a jar of Soda Can Tabs For Service Paws

Oklahoma Tigers lends a helping 'paw'

The Oklahoma Tigers Midget Football Team has helped out the organization in the past. Now, it’s encouraging others to do so, as well.

Service Paws of Central Pennsylvania, based in Altoona, Pa., describes itself as a non-profit, non-residential, community-based organization with the goal of helping people with disabilities, financially, obtain a service dog or help defray veterinary costs for those who use a service dog.

Joe Talking on Central PA Live

Service Paws of Central PA

Joe Fagnani discusses the latest at Service Paws of Central PA, and issues they’ve been having with fake service dogs.

Service Paws of Central PA is a non-profit organization is that helps individuals afford the costs of having a service dog. The group makes this possible through fundraisers, monetary donations, and the redemption of aluminum soda/beer tabs. Service Paws of Central PA works to educate the public on how these companions help their human partners.

Joe Talking on Central PA Live

Service Paws for Pets still rolling

Mrs. Linda Noonan, a Title One reading aide at Myers, is all about Service Paws.

Mrs. Noonan has done a lot to spread the organization’s message at Bellwood-Antis over the last year, and she is excited to announce that the group has created a new web page.

Mrs. Noonan said, “We feel this is a new and exciting way to spread the word of our services to reach more people in need, to provide this life changing support.”

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