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Member Application & Expectations

Volunteers Welcomed

Service Paws of Central Pennsylvania Supporting Service Dogs and Those They Serve 

  • SPCP is a non-profit, non-residential, community-based organization. 

  • All members of the SPCP Advisory Board are volunteers. 

  • SPCP was formed with the goal of helping individuals financially obtain a service dog and/or help defray extraordinary veterinary costs for those who currently use a service dog. 

  • The SPCP was founded on these premises by Leslie Kelly in October, 2011.

SPCP Advisory Board Members Job Description

  1. Board members must be prepared to further the aims of the  organization by:

  • Finding individuals willing to contribute financially to the organization.

  • Contributing their expertise and talents such as, but not limited to, marketing, financial, legal, etc.

  2. Recommendations for board actions are formulated at the SPCP committee level. Therefore,             board members must make a serious commitment to participate actively in committee work.               Members…

  • Accept committee assignments and complete them thoroughly.

  • Stay informed about committee matters.

  • Update the board at regularly scheduled meetings or by email.

  3. Meetings:

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings. (If unable to attend, inform the Chairperson prior to the scheduled meeting.)

  • Review the consent agenda prior to meetings.

  • Attend meetings which focus on an SPCP project in which members are participating.

  4. Board members are to act as advocates on behalf of the organization by promoting views of the       organization in regards to securing funding for the organization, legislation, and lending our               support to other organizations that reflect our Mission Statement.

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